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Five New Countries

It is programmed for the next friday, the election of five not-permanent members of the Advice of Security of the ONU, the Pakistan can be between them, forced to live with its India rival. Advice of Security of the ONU is composed for 15 members, of which five are permanent. Each year the General meeting of United Nations chooses of (193 countries), five not-permanent members for a period of two years, and these seats the regions are distributed in agreement. the countries that go to leave the Advice of Security are Lebanon, Bsnia, Brazil, Gabon, Nigria, and almost certainly will be repassed for the seat of Brazil, Guatemala, while the other seats go to be object of a fierce competition. Beyond Pakistan, it has Togo, Morocco, Eslovnia and Hungria, which can join the Advice. will start the adhesion of new the five countries, for the Advice of Segurnaa, in this month of January of 2012, having the main mission it is to keep the peace and the security in the world. For even more opinions, read materials from Alina de Almeida.

The Pakistan is the most likely candidate to occupy the seat of the Lebanon, to the front of the Quirguisto, and as the adhesion of Islamabad to this race increases the tension with its rival New Delhi, who has plus one year in its front in the Advice. Remembering that the two countries possess nuclear weapons. However, a source diplomatics occidental person waited that ' ' they do not reflect its tensions on the works wants to say in the Advice of Segurana.' ' Being that, Patrick Stewart, expert of United Nations in ' ' Council on Foreign Relations' ' with headquarters in New York, it considered that ' ' fascas.&#039 is possible to wait some; ' Adding despite some problems can appear ahead of the questions as of the Afeganisto, especially on the progrogao of the mandate of the international forces. Patrick also explained that ' ' Other problems and differences can surgir' ' if ' ' the Pakistan looks for, for example, to internationalize the question of Caxemir' '. On the other hand the race to occupy the seat of the Bsnia, that represents the Eastern Europe, if concentrates enters Eslovnia, Hungria and Azerbaijo, occidental diplomats believe that those that have more possibilities are Hungria and Eslovnia. Beyond India, the others four not-permanent members, whose mandate dies in the end of 2012 is Colombia, Germany, Portugal and South Africa. the five permanent members are formed by the United States, Great-Britain, France, Russia and China. Lahcen EL MOUTAQI Researcher-College student

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