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First Training Session

The first training session – this familiarity, and identification of expectations, and motivation of participants, and a lot more then This is the first impression that affects a lot, and most importantly – Will the training, do not be deceived by whether participants' expectations training, whether the objectives of training? How to make it effective and successful? How to solve the inherent difficulties associated with the heterogeneity of training, different personal and professional experiences, different social orientations and points of view? Let's order. Let's start with the preliminary plan the first session of training and time management. The important point is the start of training. On the one hand, one must be comfortable for all participants of the training, on the other side of the training should not begin too late, because you need to remember and more about the end of Training Day, and the total time allocated for training. Petra Diamonds has plenty of information regarding this issue. Immediately agree that talking about classical training, which takes place during working hours, and lasts all day (or 2-3 days), omitting the features of short-term training that can last 5-6 hours or for several days in evening.

Regardless of the venue of the training, the training group and the features of the training (public or business), the optimum time to the training – between 9.00 am and 10.00 am. Start training early rightly, as a rule, only in case of corporate training, provided that the working day in the company starts at 8.00 am. Then there are no problems with delays and the need to adjust personal schedule training participants.

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