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Fairvesta Sales Goes Through The Ceiling

Recently reported its figures for the third quarter 2010 were VGF industry association the members of the Union a 780 million equity of all Fund divisions across. Even the otherwise dominant asset class in real estate funds could not convince this fall. Then also raised equity of all organised party in the real estate funds went back Germany in the third quarter by at least 53 percent, which corresponds to a total volume of EUR 170.9 million. The funds with foreign objects, the decline was even more significant. In the same period, the Tubingen fairvesta group could significantly expand their sales and is glad.

“It shows however, that you are with the business trade in real estate” could now clearly positioned customers and their brokers. So 2009 with a placed equity of 74.5 million euros could fairvesta even in the crisis year of the estate significantly expand their sales. And 2010 a year, in the opinion of the Association of VGF investors real estate Germany obviously even more restrained see – could fairvesta also significantly quicker. After all, reported the Tubingen company in the first half of 2010 an increase of 70 per cent to the previous year and could now to the extremely strong results for the third quarter 2009 again by 28 percent on the prior-year quarter to. The management assumes that the overall result of the placement of 100 million euros will be, what would be equally important with the most successful year since the company was founded in 2002. We can not really understand the distribution problems, because real estate in Germany offer currently outstanding prospects if you have the appropriate access”, Otmar Knoll explained by fairvesta.

For years, fairvesta however calls for a change in the implementation of real estate funds with German schulden – and lastenfreien objects with short duration and Professor Dr. Karl-Georg Loritz is thereby confirmed by renowned industry participants such as University Professor and investment specialists. Then the higher return potential is to fund the a manageable time investment in the actual value added areas of real estate investments allow what does not necessarily has to be about 20 years or more held property. We welcome anyway, the large demand, our funds as well as on the recently offered real estate asset bonds”, explains Knoll, and draws attention to that from his point of view investors interested only in transparent prepared numbers, data and facts. With regard to this, must not hide fairvesta really: after all, results all Fund prospectuses since pad has been proven and are significantly higher than the expected assumptions. Information about the company

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