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What kind of person not engaged in their lives repairs? This difficult process has long been an integral part of our everyday lives. Today, thanks to a huge number of materials for construction can be no difficulties to implement a high quality, beautiful, modern renovation. If you have a country house, its insulation – is one of the main elements. To date, the market simply filled a variety of insulators. You offer different granules of foamed material, different sizes and densities, mats, mineral wool, a plate of porous organic material and the like. When selecting insulation material should be fail to pay attention to its thermal conductivity.

Respectively, than it is lower, the lower layer is needed to isolate and protect homes. Also important feature is the ability to repel moisture. Of course, each insulation material should be durable, fire resistant, and preferably easy. Still need to see that it was created from environmentally friendly materials and was not hazardous to health. The most best option – is to take care of the insulation of the building at the time of its design. Of course, and after its construction may produce insulation work, but it will be a bit problematic and expensive. The most difficult place in construction, in terms of loss energotepla are windows. Even if all the elements of the homes have excellent insulation, the premises would still be uncomfortable temperature, if you do not have a proper attention to the windows.

Not need to forget about the roof, through which the approximately 10 percent of the heat at home. Depending on the type of roof used a variety of thermal insulation. If we consider the wall, there is heat loss depend on the size and construction materials from which they are made. All interior ceilings, floors and walls should also be insulated. Firstly, it is greatly improved at room temperature, becomes much comfortably inside, and secondly, will create an excellent sound isolation among the premises. It is extremely important not to forget the foundation. From its well done isolation of heat depends not only on heat loss, but also safety bearing elements of the building. In general, thermal insulation services – an essential element of every building. On the quality of used building materials depends on how it will be warm and cozy indoors.

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