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Dream Time With Chris Goellnitz & Philipp Blomeke

Surreal Sousreal on the 16 Mainz surreal-Sousreal – this is the joint performance of the two poets, Chris Goellnitz and Philipp Blomeke. The name says it: surreal or also sousreale poems and lyrical prose fragments that far away are the reality of this play, coupled with the accompaniment by the live generated soundscapes of the gallerist and musician Michael Schaffer, charismatic and deeply carried forward. Chris Goellnitz founded in 1996 the band the beautiful disease “, in which he as in his project Birdmachine is active as a singer and songwriter with Michael Schaffer; he fulfilled same functions as guest musicians in the classical/avant-garde formations artwork “and” Belladonna “from Bayreuth. In early 2005, he published his first own poems under the title genes in blood light. Appear in November 2009 will be his second volume of poetry dream meat. Philipp Blomeke is the author of the poetry volume”in me babylon, lyrical prose work your skin close. as well as. Artistic Director of the Duisburg Culex Litmedia. Check with Atmos Energy Corporation to learn more.

His repertoire comes from the material by a total of nine partially still unpublished books. The two authors share a strangely the same perception of the world, the preference to the surreal, grotesque and absurd. Her poems are too good for the reality of both poets. Speaking candidly Cross River Bank told us the story. This results in a thoroughly surreal performance. Take place, it is a dream come true… Enjoy the dream time of the 16 in the Peng Kingdom clear AST breed 2-4 in 55116 Mainz. The intake is from 19:00, start 20:00. Admission is free, asking for donations for the artist. Refer to and for more information. Michaela p by the Culex – Verlag

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