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We can achieve the ICAIC financing in the form of co-productions with countries: such as Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, and Brazil, to make historical films, with the life of Simon Bolivar, Jose Marti, Ernesto Guevara, and to reflect slavery through fiction story with love triangles in which perhaps our Cecilia Leonardo fall in love with a Mexican, and this turn of Brazilian slave, who brought his father from Brazil fruit of their love with a Brazilian Slavic, and the slave, love a freed black workers fleeing from Brazil to Venezuela, and perhaps in this way can be treated a subject that has collected in the history of cinema, the disintegration of slavery and the liberation of the colonies of Spain, with the war of Independence and American penetration., Another common theme concerns the discovery of the Americas of Christopher Columbus, and other similar topics qua covering Latin America. I think and it is time that the ICAIC experimentally make films about the Extra-Terrestrial, perhaps in the style of Rosa Fornes made with the song of the Martians; incorporate digital technology, combining actors, little men drawn by computers, and can achieve together digital technology, attaching pictures, faces, movie videos very famous artists like Rosa Fornes and can be a film star on their quality as singing and acting, or when it became the argument of the film Forrest Gump, where the young actor works with other older artists of another generation, now dead using digital technology, and perhaps to an artist like Bonny of Charanga Habanera, be a gallon of Rosita Fornes young, or sing along to it with digital technology. . .

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