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Devices That Help Maintain The Distance Of Safety

The safety of drivers and their vehicles is one of the efforts of the manufacturers of cars and spare parts. Discover the latest technological innovations to keep the safety distance, one basic rule that can protect you from small incidents or incidents older. Maintaining the safety distance between two vehicles that are underway is essential to avoid accidents. In fact, do not respect this basic standard of circulation can cause different problems, since a single dent in the body until a disaster of major proportions. Fortunately, in recent years the car manufacturers have begun to implement various devices that are responsible for let us maintain our vehicles safety distance. These appliances are installed both the bumper and the windshield or rear view mirror and show us not only the ideal distance but they may even act intelligently.

Sensors inteligentesUno of the first devices that were used to help drivers to maintain the safety distance they were the sensors. These are installed in the front bumper and work like a radar that measures the distance between our car and that goes ahead. When we exceed the permitted safety distance, they emit an intense sound that helps us alarm. Over time, these sensors have evolved to the point that have been integrated with the braking system. Thus, if the conductor does not respond fast enough, car slows by itself only or even stops altogether if it appreciates that the impact could be imminent.

Later, when the distance again to be safe, the car accelerates and regains the programmed speed. Not only more advanced detection systems take its calculations based on the speed of our car and the distance from the vehicle that goes ahead but even scanned the road conditions and calculated the ideal distance depending on the adhesion of tyres. The technology based on Camarasalgunos of high-end cars bring already included a camera located in the rearview mirror or directly in the windshield. It is in charge of measuring the distance from the preceding vehicle and sends the information to a display located on the dashboard so that we can decrease the speed. If you don’t have access to this type of cars, there is another solution: the MovilEye. It’s a system that has a small camera with a built-in screen. You simply place it in the center of the windshield to indicate you how much it takes in reaching the vehicle which is ahead. If you enter the safety distance, this device you will be notified with a beep when you’ve exceeded it. In addition, it also shows you if you have forgotten to put the turn signal to change lanes at more than 50 km/h.

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