Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Dalai Lama

When we see somebody practising the evil, we costumamos to say that if the same energy was used for the good, the world would be very better! In the same line, if the will of living was stronger and it did not lose propositalmente to the death, we would have a better world and with much more grateful people! We have the free will, we have the power to choose and to decide our ways, but, above all, we have the duty to take care of of the life! Many believe that we pass for the experience of the life some times! That we are born, we die and we reincarnate Of any form, each life is only precious e, then why not to live with wisdom and proper love, extracting of this experience the greaters and better lies? For more problems and desperations that a person can have, it always has an exit. has made use people to help, to attenuate sufferings, to extend to a hand solidary friend and! It is enough to want, in fact, to receive the aid and, most important, is necessary to want to live with intensity! All the times that I faced difficult problems in my life, I fortified myself in the following thought: ‘ ‘ God can close a door even though the windows, but if to look at for top, It in them will open great a ceiling-solar one to be able to enxergar the largeness of the life! ‘ ‘. It always functioned with me and I am certain that, if to look at for top, you this largeness will also enxergar! Jackie Freitas ‘ ‘ Alive a good and honored life. Thus, when you to be older and to think about the past, will be able to get pleasure one second vez.. eld.

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