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A cyber shop – Wholesale rear-view mirrors, a rearview camera and parktronikov. All the submitted product is certified for sale in Russia. Strict quality control allows us to provide vysokochayshee product quality: The figure below shows: Chelong CL-CCD-28-120 Rear View Camera (Waterproof camera day and night view feeding from automotive 12V, support systems and PAL color NTSC.) It is sold at camera Currently: Chelong CL-CMOS-140B – can buy it from an online store The figure below shows: Chelong CL-701H Rearview Mirror (Mirror with built-in video monitor is automatically included in the motion back, mounted on staffing the mirror.) The figure below shows: Chelong CL-788 head restraint (with built-in TFT LCD monitor can be used by taxis to broadcast promotional information or entertainment programming to passengers show. The family vans and minivans – to watch movies in the back seat passengers. In a variety of show carts – to demonstrate the multimedia capabilities avtomobilya.Prosto change your normal headrest on the headrest with Monitor Chelong.) The figure below shows: Chelong CL-3388PE parking radar (Parktronic with 4 sensors, acoustic signal and the possibility of connecting the camera.) sensors transmit information about the distance to an obstacle on the beeper, with three different audio signals, and light shades of the scale of 7-range driver to always know what's going on behind his car (and ahead in the variant with 8 sensors). Light with built-in beeper indlikatory installed in the car and driver to give instant information about the distance of approaching obstacles. For wholesale purchase, please contact: (495) 960-32-96 You can consult with our expert by ICQ: 486-770-886

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