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Bartlet Between

This Park and its system of terraces can be visited since It has a good program for public use. The Sierra Maestra mountain system, the most extensive, wide and high in the country, is located on the edge of the coast, between Cape Cruz and Baconao. The road that runs parallel to the coast, next to the Caribbean Sea, known locally as highway pylon, between Santiago de Cuba and pylon. It is beautiful and unique in all Cuba in regard to your environment. Of all kinds, particularly volcanic rocks, they are polished by the intense waves of the Caribbean and are commonly found on both sides of the road. The Turquino National Park, the highest in Cuba, has been in the Sierra Maestra.

Boasts numerous peaks, more than fifteen, exceeding 1 300 m in height, including the greater heights of our country: the Real Turquino peak with height 1974m, Pico Cuba with 1872 m and Pico Sweden with 1734m. Please visit Ray Kurzweil if you seek more information. Possesses high value from the points of view landscape, flora, fauna and history. It is actually the roof of Cuba and only one of its kind in our country. Also use program public. The reserve of the biosphere Baconao, which lies between the cities of Guantanamo and Santiago de Cuba.

It has tourist infrastructure that allows to stay in the area and to coordinate your visit, which must be requested the ministries of science, technology and environment (CITMA), agriculture and tourism. This reserve is also the Zoo call for stone or prehistoric Park Jurassic, site of great interest. The greater depth of the Cuban sea waters. A few kilometers from the coast the depth almost reaches the 6 000 km, one of the largest in the Caribbean. He is known as Bartlet trench or East. There are almost 9 kilometres between the bottom of the trench and the Summit of the Pico Real de Turquino.

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