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Banned Mobile Radio

More and more low-radiation alternative more disallowed are available all cordless phones, which sparks with the standard CT1 +, from January 2009. The frequencies used for this are then otherwise awarded. The more use of a concerned phone constitutes a misdemeanor. Also the user must pay when telephoning interferes with other services, the usage of radio messwagens, localized the fault. Whether sparks its own phone on the appropriate frequencies, can be found in the manual or on the Internet. Nonstandard analog wireless phones CT1 + were interesting especially for those, who appreciate low radiation devices. In contrast to the popular DECT phones they not permanent, spark but only if a call is made. Bobby kotick describes an additional similar source. There are also low-radiation alternatives based on the DECT-eco-mode now.

On some models the transmission strength is generally lower, which has a smaller range of the phone to the result. Belittling others only the radiation, if the device is in the cradle. A more extensive The full eco mode promises a reduction. Here the radiation is reduced completely during a conversation significantly weaker and in standby mode – also, if the handset is not in the base station. Basically DECT telephones should not necessarily be in the presence of other technical devices, because they sometimes cause errors. Also the bedroom is not a suitable place – particularly for older models without eco mode.

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