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Attributes Of Early Childhood

Today's baby is conceived without pacifiers. She became his attribute, such as a rattle. You may find that Max Schireson can contribute to your knowledge. And few parents, pushing into the infant's mouth, this piece of rubber, think about the meaning of the invention. And its meaning is very simple – Shut your mouth kid, getting rid of his importunate demands the mother's breast or parental hands. Having a rubber substitute mother, the child satisfies his need for sucking, deep in some state half-asleep, ceasing to bother their parents. We have already mentioned that the need to suck more than the actual nutritional needs of the child. It is necessary to stimulate milk production in accordance with needs of the growing organism. Satisfying these "surplus" with the help of dummy, the child does not perform the necessary query, which reduces the period of breastfeeding.

However, pacifier sucking has other implications. Look at the grown-up kid sucking pacifier. His eyes, usually half-closed and converted to nowhere. Peculiar . All this is reminiscent of patterns observed in the suckling mother's breast. However, only human intellect, capable of sucking the breast to reduce the mechanical act, may hold an identity between maternal teats and dummies. When we finally understood that breast-feeding – not just pumping the milk, then we must understand that the difference between breastfeeding and pacifier is the same as that between a full sexual intercourse and masturbation. For a kid like "abstractedly" have the consequence of reduced activity with respect to the outside world.

By the world that he is in this period should recognize and capture. Reduced search activity, the tendency to study. And most importantly, does not keep it a habit to meet their needs surrogate way? Practice shows that in the first 2 – 3 weeks of life satisfaction is a surrogate of natural needs perceived by the baby for granted. Occurs snapshots. Maybe a lifetime? However, an attempt first give your baby a pacifier after this period leads to the bright expression of anger and resentment that leaves no desire to continue such efforts. The kid can not replace a mother with a piece of rubber.

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