Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

World War

The medias more dirigem each time for differentiated specific segments, and not to the mass of the society. It has countries and regions that act in the three waves simultaneously, and the exchange of being able generates conflicts between the elites of the respective civilizations. In Brazil, it has some waves occurring at the same time. The region of the Amaznia is in the agricultural revolution of the first wave, where if they knock down forests to plant diverse cultures. In the Southeastern region, the country is in the center of the third wave, on-line with the developed countries more of the world. The speed of transformation and the technological development is amazing, and is probable that the third wave if completes in few decades, but already brings obtains a genuinely new way of life, with new codes of behavior.

It sends the society stops beyond the bureaucracy, standardization, synchronization and centralization, beyond the concentration of energy, of the financial resources and the power. With relation specifically to the energy, the new civilization is based on diversified sources and renewed. The sustainable society In the sequncia of the reasoning of the waves of Toffler, appears in century XXI the sustainable society, where the creative system of wealth is the capacity to produce goods and services renewed and clean, of sustainable form. Each age lived deeply for the humanity has its dominant subjects of economy and global politics. In century XIX, it had the imperialista politics industrial which if had joined, in the first half of century XX, two world-wide wars and the economic depression. After World War II, the world coexisted for about cinquenta years the terror of the Cold War. The new century brings a new and hopeful subject: to live in a sustainable society. At the moment, the humanity passes for a process of ultraticket of threshold, a new threshold that provokes fast mannering transformations, changes and trends for unexpected and imperceptible times in its abrangncia and depth.

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