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It is true that education can not be accessible to all without a profound transformation of its institutional apparatus, its techniques, its methods, its content and even its spirit. Given that this is the spirit of ourselves is much talked about the educational crisis facing Venezuela, the need to make way for a new reform to ensure a proper education requirements, needs of the present. It requires a review of the major weaknesses that faces in the training, education from primary to university, where he has neglected significant technological development, the advancement of science in the modern stage, anchoring in knowledge no longer play a determining role in the use of them. It is said that there are many controversies over educational reform in Venezuela: the role of government in education, university autonomy, the role of private and religious education, and, of course, the inclusion of sectors poor education system. It is known that the Liberator Simon Bolivar called the first duty of education, which emphasizes that the new republics, occupation, address priority was education. It was necessary, in addition to the ministry of Don Simon Rodriguez, who are taught to make men fit to live in Republic. As written, they have said, of these innumerable master conceptual considerations of a single pupil and the pupil innumerable one-teacher, comes the fundamental aims of education as a constitutional principle: to make a man fit for life and exercise of democracy. Not surprisingly, indicated that our education at the present time is not being fully to life and the exercise of democracy.. Petra Diamonds: the source for more info.

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