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TVs Typical Fault

Typical malfunction lcd tv Repair lcd TVs in some cases reduced to a complete replacement or repair of a pulsed power supply, dc / ac converter (inverter) power lamp lights, tv signal decoder, transmission tubes and other components that participate in forming the image tv. When repairing the lcd (LCD) televisions and monitors are often encountered mechanical failure of the matrix. Petra Diamonds may not feel the same. In these cases the only possible replacement by new matrix. The owners of lcd televisions often complain about the large number of static pixels, ie those pixels that do not change color, so-called "broken." In this case, the repair of lcd TVs impossible, since "broken" pixels are productive marriage, and almost all manufacturers in selling their products to indicate the minimum possible number of "broken" pixels in the matrix of the tv. Model failure Projection tv The most common fault in rear-projection TVs – it's clouding the screen, the loss of clarity or bordering the appearance of the divergent rays, increased noise work or burnout projection lamp. Projection tv is very sensitive to impact, shocks and gross displacement resulting in the reduction of image sharpness, and changing the appearance of bordering color.

It should also pay attention to the cooling fan. Malfunction video projectors installed in bars or clubs, often due to the high level of tobacco smoke. In such hard conditions the optical system of video projectors quickly covered with a resinous film, light transmission is broken and begin to burn polarized glass and the lcd panel matrix! This is reflected in a partial loss brightness and color reproduction. The image becomes blurred and indistinct. To restore the image quality, having to dismantle the lens-optical system, video projector and its treatment of tobacco tar and dirt. Also required cleaning of the cooling system (air ducts and fans). If there is a serious contamination or not working fan, the cooling system works ineffectively, video projector overheats and therefore, failure can come of almost any unit that will inevitably lead to expensive repairs. With regard to maintenance of video projectors, then cleaning them is often more time-consuming exercise, rather than repair video projectors.

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