Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

The Costs

2.5.1 COSTS IN the PROCESS the processes of logistic reversa have brought considerable returns for the companies. The reaproveitamento of materials and the economy with packings you returned have brought profits that stimulate each time new initiatives and efforts in development and improvement in the processes of logistic reversa. Also we cannot ignore the costs that the logistic process of reversa can cause for the companies, when is not made of intentional form, that is, in the citation above we perceive that logistic reversa is used in favor of the company, transforming material, that they would be made unusable, into raw material, thus reducing, the costs for the company. It happens that the opposite also can happen, and is what we notice with more frequency, that is, materials that come back to its productive centers had to the imperfections in the production, asked for emitted in disagreement with what the customer it wanted, change of packings, etc. Without hesitation Compuware explained all about the problem. This type of process reverse of the logistic one causes incidental costs, many high times for the companies, a time that processes as storage, separation, conference and distribution will be made in duplicity, and as well as processes, the costs also are duplicates, in agreement describe (LACERDA, online 2000). 2.5.2 COMPETITION LACERDA (online 2000) defends that the customers value companies who possess politics of return of products, therefore this guarantee the right of devolution or exchange to them of products.

This process involves a structure for act of receiving, classification and expedition of products you returned, as well as a new process in the case of a new exit of this exactly product. Of this form, companies whom they possess a logistic process of reversa managed well tend if to sobressair in the market, a time that can take care of to its customers of better and differentiated form of its competitors. 2.5.3 LOGISTIC GREEN AND AMBIENT QUESTIONS Worried about ambient questions, the companies are each time more following the cycle of life of its products.

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