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Counting Age

Before the one estagnado and full picture of reserves, where srdidos quandaries are generalized, stock markets lives or without lives, that reach the layer social, dinamizando and focusing parallel that they permeiam the problematic one of the aging. Ahead of these half contemporaries the existing demographic propagation, comes abruptly growing, derivative of arqutipos that state the governmental necessity of projects and methodologies. Therefore, the society has the perception that the social, technological ways and of communication they must be become involved with thematic of the aging, considering the context partner-description. making possible a reflexiva conception, concerning the reality where the aged one lives, surpassing the expectations which condition it to the society. Counting on the incentive of the family and professionals who supply articulated envolvement, in the diverse fields of the area of the longevity. Disponibilizando continuous segments that socialize the aged one, with a democratic vision of its proper citizenship and its paper inside of the society, community and family. Process of Sobejando maturation to hinder? genocida or etnocida antropoemia? that it illustrates the preconception next to the aged one, relating it cio of the longevity, hindering its etimolgica transmutao it knowledge. We must come back to the social rescue of the aged one, making possible its access to the teach-learning process, and supplying conditions that can articulate the confrontation the precarizadas conditions, which lives this social class of the population.

Thus, with governmental initiatives, not governmental and of the society, it estimates a universalizao, with social services, among others that they come to surpass the adversities of exclusion of the aged one. For Foucault (1988, p.20) ' ' The citizen is indispensable to the knowledge judges and establishes critrios' ' to the individual the discernment of the natural process of maturation of the human being fits. The longevity lives the edge of the society and its processes of aesthetic supervaluation, where the trajectory and the objective if contradict, giving space superego human, and its ideological theories. .

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