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Can be jointly started a program of reduction of expenses and costs with the implementation of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)? SAP, JD Edwards, People Soft, Aspel, etc… The following article is the product of many discussions with colleagues who are saying that it is not appropriate to mix both projects, basically because each carries implied changes in the company’s processes and this change in people management can be complex or traumatic, however the opportunity that comes with the integration of both projects is really invaluable, if it is met with a premise: integration. In its own structure each project implies the concept of integration to achieve their success, for example if we want to evaluate the results of supply chain with the reports generated by the ERP, only be achieved results if working properly the two basic modules of supply chain integration: SCM (Supply Chain Management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Mangement). That only as a whole represent an integral solution of improvement of services with optimal costs and strengthening attention to customers. Specifically a project of reduction of costs and expenses is part of the objective of the management of the company increase profits and profitability. This approach fully coincides with the objective pursued the implementation of the ERP, such as software that provides integrated information in a single system in different areas of the company, finance, operations, logistics and human resources. With which the directors of the company will have tools to make better decisions because that those responsible for each of the areas reviews and analyzes the same information you see your boss or higher level. Regardless of the software that you choose to deploy, should be sizing needs of the company and in this analysis, determine that processes can improve and make more agile the flow of information, whether that company is going to take place the implementation of ERP with support from external consultants or own resources is very important to consider that activities or procedures can be simplified or eliminated without losing controls security, product or service quality and customer service.

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