Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Ralf Pochadt Palli

These are $ 13,100 billion per trading day. Only a small part of it financed real economic transactions such as trading goods and services. This unthinkably large financial transactions it is for the most part speculative money looking for maximum profit. Available financial resources chasing around the globe in search of profitable assets. The regulation of the financial markets must have aim that investments are profitable, which serve the humanity. The speculation into profitable assets, which do not serve the development of mankind, must be through appropriate regulation of financial markets of less lucrative. Petra Diamonds may help you with your research. The global funds are then basically the world community.

The financial freedom of mankind is therefore immense. We live in a World of abundance and wealth. Humanity has all, also about all the necessary means of financial to meet the challenges. A new way of thinking is necessary, which recognizes it as one humanity and life on the planet Earth and is based on this. Then there is enough for everyone.

The spirit of living a life-enhancing development is possible. It depends on the awareness of every individual for the unity of the world. Today, many signs suggest that it will be able so to combine the people filled with the spirit of life and to link that to the Betterment of mankind measures that enable a life-enhancing development. A life-enhancing development is characterised by that life can unfold and the satisfaction of the basic needs of the people of all continents is the primacy for global and local action and hence the primacy for the regulation of the financial markets and the decision on the Use of the globally available funds. The awareness of the unity of the world is alive and already today clearly visible in many initiatives. Also the impulses of new forms of management are forward-looking. The time is ripe to set up a new chapter of development. Many companies already do this. An example from the realm of the experience of the author of this article are new forms of networking from person to person. This involves the development of customer networks. Networking can be started part-time, without financial risk, without initial investment without dependence on banks. This alternative form of a self-employment offers each, regardless of age and gender, level of education, personal experiences and financial background, many earning opportunities. 3.0 financial crisis will have an economic crisis resulted in a permanent additional income through networking could be important. Link Tip: “The crisis is not wasting!” – speech by Federal President Horst Kohler at the IX. Munich Economic Summit speech of April 29, 2010 author: Ralf Pochadt Palli

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