Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention


Senior pre-schooler – is a little visionary, a tireless researcher, philosopher, always knowing unidentified. We, the adults that surround our "visionaries" must support the process of constructing hypotheses and search for them evidence to stimulate the interests of our children. Child under school age, who developed cognitive interest, characterized by the desire to ask questions and the ability to find answers to them. Such a child prone to experimentation, an active search activities. He can focus on long-term interest of his problem: to study the life of the anthill; experiment – which items float and which sink; invent new designs.

The assimilation of new knowledge it gives adults a lot of questions, trying to find their own connection to personal experience, expresses the original speculation, assumptions, in other words, shows creative approach to the subject and learning process. Thus, the rate of interest of the child are his questions and opinions. Due to issues of child perceives the world around him. The causes of children's issues Period issues of the preschooler is an expression of changes in the relationship between thought and speech, between the practical and intellectual activity. In the process of joint activity with adults in preschool children appears a number of problems, which he tries to solve both independently and with adults. We are actively involved in the process of solving these problems, anticipating action. Senior preschooler suited to solving the problem already internally, pushing a ready verbal decision without recourse to action. On this basis, there are children's issues.

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