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As a rule, immediately after the purchase "spinner" was subjected to thorough tuning and then successfully worked for a long time and accurately. In this case, the process of modernization was like "Dances with shamanistic tambourine "because you can always find another tune and replace the unit. Adjusting the arm and speed of rotation of the disk on the stroboscope was a whole ritual. But still had not forgotten the plate clean from dust. In reward for complying with these rules could get pretty high-quality and clear sound, albeit in a very modest frequency range, by today's standards. Personally, I'm in the sound of the plate always irritated the presence of noise different origin. Of course, many might object to me saying that they are doing and sound natural and "alive".

But it sounds to him I did not like then, as it is now. They interfere with the main focus on listening to music, constantly diverting attention to themselves. After trying to do and set yourself a few squelch, I was not happy with the results of their work. Naturally they were analog denoisers usually compander type. Each time, adjusting the level of resection of the noise, had to choose between the amount of interference avoidance and the degree of distortion of the signal spectrum.

First, as expected, on theory, squelch suffered from high frequencies. Which led to a decrease in transparency and juicy sound. It seemed that the noise will not permanently defeated, and will continue its dirty work on. But when I was first in While I heard the sound of the cd, then listen to more records could not forever, "ill" that pure and rich sound, devoid of noise and extraneous matter. It was then that I was able to experience the full atmosphere of immersion the concert hall. It seems that it's just me and an artist with the orchestra. The effect was simply stunning. You can speak at length on the topic of digital refinement and other features inherent to this technology, but the absence of noise, in my opinion, the most important of its advantage. And it's so important that some minor technological shortcomings quite tolerant. Of course, there are other important advantages including ease of use the player. You no longer need to perform "ritual dance" of the player, just press the button, insert a disc in the tray, and continue to enjoy the music. Yes, the cd itself and require much less maintenance than vinyl records. And in addition, they significantly more resistant to mechanical stress.

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