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We leave of a problem for a bad solution (to break ajanela). 7. Consideraes Final In elapsing of them you finish four decades software evolved deuma analysis tool and of information for an industry in itself, in the entantoesta industry it evolved together with the problems that persist until today, but, of these problems good part we decide applying standards and planning it deacordo with the necessity our applications. This article dedicated in the study deum of the models most used in the development of applications for web, the MVCapesar of being of a long date if elinguagem shows to gift in several frameworks, can conclude that architecture MVC offers to aosprojetistas and desenvolvedores a clear separation between the elements, with ointuito to divide in layers functionalities of a system, separating asresponsabilidades of the desenvolvedora team, reusing codes sources, facilitating the maintenance of the system, therefore we possess escalabilidade, aarquitetura MVC reveals basic in the applications, either it web oudesktop. It uses standards when it will have a necessity for aplicarpadres of project, and when it will have something simpler is with this contrary option casoo will increase the complexity of the system, but, will have a razoprtica and that its applicatory one to need changes goes in front and usufruadeste resource. References METSKER, Steven John.

Standards of project in Java. Porto Alegre: Bookman, 2004. GAMMA, Erich et al. Standards of Project: Solutions reutilizveisde Guided software the Objects. Porto Alegre: Bookman, 2000. SOMMERVILLE, Ian.

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