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‘ ‘ I called the spirits that I won’t geht now that I called the spirits, I don’t get rid of now “the MicroCirtec GmbH, manufacturer of printed circuit boards from Krefeld, completely rejects trade with PCB from Biliglohnlandern as a replacement or supplement of the own portofolios. In addition, its Managing Director, Andreas Bruggen, sees with concern that many companies there see their way out of the sales crisis and the German volume production so final even make it off the. The 80s were Golden, a promising market with a rich coming from more than 340 German PCB manufacturers. Although the global demand volume indeed rapidly increased, approximately 250 manufacturers in the industry have adopted today. This is unfortunately also the fatal behavior of submerged due to especially the relentless price pressure of far East competition. Some sought his salvation in the buying-up of capacity or in the production of HDI circuits, at the end, it was too small or migrated to the focused markets. To in this situation not to lose existing customers, it appeared reasonable to offer goods under its own name, but in fact coming out of production usually near – and far-eastern cooperation partner for many. The myriad of offers of cooperation from the far East in the email inputs German manufacturer show cheap suppliers for these market access that is funded by the home competition were how grateful.

The difficulty to offer both resides in the indissolubility of a marketing-technical basic conflict. It offers the same product with a different price. As the PCB manufacturer sees itself as a service provider who does what the customer wants, i.e. with its specifications, the customer determines what the product looks like and what to do. But how now differentiate? It remains just the way about the reasoning crutch”quality. With the label of German workmanship”, ultimately only the actual message is Nebulised having printed circuit boards in the portfolio, which always work (made in) Germany!”) “those that usually” work.

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