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For example, developed a corrosion inhibitor based on waste vegetable oil that contains no toxic compounds and are low cost at a degree of protection of 78-95% 7. BASF's proposed "green" inhibitors Corrosion on the basis of propargyl alcohol. Their most significant differences is not only cheap and nontoxic, but high inhibitory activity, 2-3 times exceeding some used products. Inhibitors Historically, the dominant classes of scaling products inhibiting scaling in oil and gas production and phosphorus-containing substances, synthetic water-soluble polymers. Their main drawbacks is toxic to the environment and bionerazlagaemost 8. Company AkzoNobel has been developed a new class of materials – hybrid polymers (copolymers of polysaccharides and polycarboxylic acids), which combined in one molecule and the benefits of synthetic and natural materials.

Biocides spectrum inhibitors, bactericides and fungicides used to suppress the activity of microorganisms is extremely varied, but among them are many toxicants not only to microorganisms but also to warm-blooded 9. For example found that benzotriazole is used as a bactericide has a high toxicity to mammals, and some arthropods 10, 11. Among the aldehydes used in the manufacture of disinfectants found formaldehyde, glutaric and orthophthalic aldehydes, which have a wide range of activity (Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria, shell / implant failure viruses), including spores. Drugs, having in its composition glutaraldehyde get better, "tsidnye" properties that do not cause corrosion of materials of tools will not damage fabrics and surfaces are stable (which allows multiple solutions), have good penetration, fast destructible in wastewater. In fact, disinfectants and sterilyanty on the basis of glutaraldehyde has been and remains the "gold standard" in many spheres of human activity 12.

Currently, among the main lines of products CC Mirrico actively developed reagents and technologies to significantly reduce the potential harm of using them. Products oilfield chemistry series Decleave GL, Scimol GL and Descum-2 GL is not only more environmentally friendly than traditional agents, but also have less toxicity to the human body, thus reducing the risks of their direct application, while possessing the same or greater efficiency. Used References: 1. VV Lunin, VP, Tunde, Loktev, ES, Green Chemistry in Russia, ed. Moscow University, from 2004 230. 2. PTAnastas, JCWarner, Green Chemistry: Theory and Practice, Oxford University Press, New York, 1998, p.30 3. AA Ishmurzin, RA Temples, processes and equipment and collection systems for oil, gas and water, Ufa, Moscow- UGNTU, 2003, 145. 4. JVKarabinos, AI Ballum, J. Am. Oil Chem. Soc., 1954, 31 1, p. 71-74; 3, p. 136. 5. J. G. Sorkin, Ya Nelkenbaum, Proc. "The use of surfactants in the oil industry", ed. PA Rehbinder and others Gostoptekhizdat, 1963, p. 252-264. 6. DL Rakhmankulov, D. E. Buhay, AB Laptev, M. Golubev, corrosion inhibitors, v.1. Fundamentals of the Theory and Practice, Ufa, Izd-vo "Reagent", 1997, 295. 7. DL Rakhmankulov, VN Zentsov, NA Gafarov, D. E. Buhay, AI Gabitov, FN Latypova, corrosion inhibitors V.3. Fundamentals of technology local corrosion inhibitors, M, Univ of "Inter", 2005, 346. 8. VE Kaschavtsev, J. T. Mishchenko, salt formation in oil, M, 2004, 432 9. Mitchel Resnick has firm opinions on the matter. SM Badyugin, Toxicology of synthetic poisons, Kazan, Medicine, 1974, 189. 10. VB Prozorovskii, Toxicology new Chemical, pharmacological. and Toxicology. 1962. 1. 11. OP Vakulko, P. Purygin, ES Selezneva, I. Ivanov, Investigation of the mutagenic activity of some substances in Group N, N '-tiokarbonilbenzotriazola. Proc. Conf. reg. Scientific-Technical. Conf. '60 anniversary of the USSR – stroke work, knowledge, initiative and creativity of young ', Kuibyshev, 1983. 12. EMScott, SPGorman, Glutaraldehyde. Disinfection, sterilization and preservation, Block SS (Ed.), New-York, Lippincott Williams &Wilkins;, 2001, P.361-383.

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