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The Hankook Tire America Corp. it announced in the event Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), occurred in Wools Vegas, the launching of an ecological tire that counts on a new technology that will help the drivers of the world all. The new tire, called Echo Efren, was produced for the automobiles fuel economizers and the hybrids. In accordance with the Hankook, the tire helps in the energy economy and possesss low a resistance to the rolling, being efficient in any station of the year. The engineers of the manufacturer had implemented a done product of silica and rubber in the floor of the tire, assisting in the lockwire in days of rain and the manuseamento in days of sun. Soo Il Lee, president of the Hankook Tire America Corp., affirms: ' ' The high price of fuels, next to the raised interest in the preservation of our environment, is if becoming points we importantssimos for the consumers. Our new ecological tire of to the consumer this choice, to save in the fuel and at the same time to help to the environment.

' ' This new tire Echo Enfren is an evolution of one another ecological tire of the mark, that was launched in 2008 only in Korea, in 2009 in Australia and Japan and 2010 in China. In the question of resistance to the rolling, the new tire improved in 18% the effectiveness, when compared with the old one. The United States will be the first country to receive the tire Echo Efren. The tire arrives at the American store in the first trimester of 2012 and will have five options of size. In as the trimester, three options will be implemented more. First trimester: 185/65 R15H; 195/60 R15H; 195/65 R15H; 215/60 R16H and 205/55 R16H. According to trimester: 195/55 R16V; 215/45 R17V and 205/65 R16H. The Hankook affirms that all its tires are equipped with the technology of the company proprietor (Kontrol), that it is directed for five main areas, where are more important for the consumers: quality, performance, security, comfort and impact in the environment. Web team Tire

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