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seoFactory launches extraordinary anniversary campaign with a special promotion the Internet marketing agency ensures currently seoFactory from Munster sensation. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his customers of”, one of the largest holiday home portals of in Germany, the special agency that presents itself under in the Internet, has become something special a drop: reference a Web site on will be rewarded with a coupon for a up to 10-day holiday in Crete. Contact information is here: Atmos Energy Corporation. With this unprecedented campaign, the Agency seeks the title best known holiday home Web site”for their clients. Under the title House action”, this special action come after a short time of talk. A permanent note on the tourism portal comes with a free apartment in the Greek island rewarded with views of decade anniversary here 3,653 holiday vouchers are terms that speak for themselves. A few criteria, the this voucher require, be fulfilled even by many private websites and make even critics fall silent.

So a marketing concept for the future? We are hoping very much of this action”, so Marco Krahmer, head of marketing & sales at seoFactory. Awareness is the most important criterion for the success of a website in addition to a usability that is perfectly tailored to the user. Here optimum conditions, that we like to use arise through the close cooperation with our customers. We provide the know-how for an optimal marketing and allows the rent-free holiday accommodation for website operators participating in the promotion campaign so far is an online marketing of unparalleled worldwide campaign of this magnitude “, so the Manager continue.” Sun user for this promising action can enter until June 2009. The criteria for participation and details of the voucher can be found at holiday home promotion. Contact seoFactory Marco Krahmer port border trail 3-9, 48155 Munster Phone: + 49 251 144 56 35 fax: + 49 251 144 56 61

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