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Although we put all the attention and precaution by our part to try to avoid to see us surrounded in traffic wrecks, often it is inevitable. And it is that it not only depends on one same one that an event of these characteristics happens, being able to influence so much the behaviors of other conductors like the state of the route, the climatologic conditions or the specificationses of the own vehicle. For that reason the traffic accidents are a relatively frequent phenomenon, and that sadly causes thousands of deceaseds annually, besides hurt tens of thousands of of diverse consideration, with injuries that could go from simple bruises to breakage of bones, medullary amputations of members or damages. To follow certain steps or basic activities can always be useful at the time of facing the possible consequences of these wrecks in the highway. They are the following: a) It could seem something obvious, but actually too many cases occur otherwise.

Detn always your automobile and never you leave the scene of the event, for example in case you had coiled to a pedestrian or a cyclist. You will have to remain in the scene of the event until the moment at which the Agents arrive from the Authority. Marcharte in circumstances like those could even get to suppose that the commission of a Crime of Omission of Having of Aid was imputed to you. b) If you had had any degree of responsibility in the happened thing, it will be better you recognize than it from the beginning. The techniques of investigation of accidents are outposts very, and most probably the Experts who evaluate their causes will be able to determine who was the person in charge of the same. c) He always remembers to interchange your data with the rest of implied conductors, including your names, telephone numbers, directions and registration numbers. It will enormously facilitate the proceedings before the insuring Companies.

d) It assesses of preliminary way the material and personal damage that you could have suffered. As far as first, it details the flaws that could have produced in your automobile or in the personal effects that you transported in him. With respect to the seconds, it will be fundamental that you compile of systematic form all the medical information and evaluations which you could be put under to evaluate the possible sequels of the incident in your health. It will help enormously in your process of claim after the incident. Indeed, if you considered that the tragic event was not responsibility yours, you could interpose a claim against that you considered that it was the cause of the same. It would allow to secure an economic compensation you that it would allow to repair the suffered damages you (lost invoice of factory, income by the medical statement of release from duty, associate expenses and possible damages of moral character).

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