Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention


And for ordering society, men had to "invent" and establish a system of laws in each country, and then some supranational laws. It is assumed that compliance with these laws would have a social order that allows us to live and enjoy all the beings of the planet's resources. But despite this legal system, some men have continued to take more than their part, some men have not respected the rights of others, so far as to threaten extinction of the human race and the entire planet. Our planet is a living where the water flowing through its "veins" feed all the animals that make and are an expression of his life. The human body is only part of the same natural elements that a few days earlier were part of a plant organ or an animal organ, or elements that were part of a river, and then to be part of the human cells will again be of the rest of nature. All bodies of the human race are only part of the same nature, therefore governed by the laws of nature Dwellings. Our planet is a living being with a mind of its own. That's right: With minds of their own!. (): "The concept of Earth as an organism goes back to the work of. Among them, conceived the history of the Earth as if it were a living being composed of different organs "()" The Gaia hypothesis is the first modern scientific expression of this deep and ancient belief that the Earth is alive.

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