Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention


She is through the inventories (5) that the material question is disclosed, its structure is basic to understand the movement of the evolution, the attributed value the parts, the custom to work in in agreement land the necessities, make of the produced products an exchange currency and even though for the repayment of you divide. To perceive the importance of the material aspects in the daily life, previously makes of the author a precursor when approaching little described the historical problems. It makes its attributes as way researcher to innovate all a generation of historical writings, as: the relation of the historian with the past bases on the understanding of the other in the many forms of languages and representations of the alteridade. To understand the past, the society and the cultures by means of a theoretical equipment Inter/to discipline confers to the craft a scientific identity. (6) (5) inventories: it is the procedural form where the goods of the deceased pass to its successors (6) Geraldo Text Mrtires Rabbit/Year 04 n 48 Setembro/2009 p 98 (7) Idem to the 3 however page 1246. Through this moment lived in Brazil in the decade of 80, the historian if finds and defines the cientificidade of it. History leaves of if occupying with ready facts and encloses some social structures. Making one I dialogue with the book Life and Death of the Bandeirante, these structures appear clear, in special in the chapter ' ' The Baixela' ' , where it describes form of if feeding and the utensils that follow the meals, nothing of glamoroso or even though hygienical, they were eaten with the hands, they were not worried about the beauty to if feeding, and yes the act properly said. A structure fragile, however well described in the pages of the book, the wealth of details makes with that let us can visualize one definitive meeting familiar, next to table, observes: the perfect, reinante prince in Portugal under the name of D.

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