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In addition, having a plan, Prospect, which represents all the work as a whole, would allow an analysis of its preliminary results, to check their compliance with the intended purpose and if necessary, make adjustments to a particular piece of work. The work program of studies are considered necessary for the preparation and conduct experiments. Given the specificity of the creative process of such plan includes everything that can be foreseen from the very beginning of research. Of course, science and chance discoveries are possible, but you can not build a research study focusing on the accident. Only planned study provides reliable, step by step, to learn new facts and laws. In view of the provisions we have developed and implemented a program in which were selected by techniques such as "Finding analogies" "Functional-cost analysis", "Algorithm of Inventive Problem Solving." The above methods were developed by the main part of a comprehensive program for the formation of research competence university students. The program is designed for an individual approach to students learning in practical classes in order to involve them in research activities with further access to extracurricular activities. This program assumes, already a freshman, in the study of individual disciplines, the use of the simplest and most affordable method – search counterparts. In the lecture material made included, calculated at 15-20 minutes, which set forth the nature and stage of looking for unique, variety of analogies, examples, problem solving using search techniques counterparts. Practice has shown to give students a brief but necessary for further work theoretical information, enough for about 3-4 of these inserts.

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