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Implementing System Technology

As mentioned in previous article, the benefits of implementing the system technology have led to employers, employees and end consumers very supportive in the process of a sale. In addition to sales and inventory tracking, the bar code system is very useful in the sending, receiving and tracking of distance selling. That is, each time you perform an outflow of goods, whether by sale volume for a specific purpose or a sale where the product is sent home, you can have a number of benefits that enhance sales with home delivery . An example of this are the following: The product in question may be included in a container, either a bag or box that generates a bar code which identifies the product data, the number of sales, shipping and customer data. This code will be your number Asnicar Identification (UID) included on a label accompanying the package. To be generated UID identification data generate a relational database that contain information which is relevant about this case, such as order number, items packed, packed, final destination, and so on. This relationship will integrate the history of products shipped and will also affect the inventory database. All information concerning the sale can be transmitted through a communication system known as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the system will be shared with the dealer who will have information about a shipment before it arrives.

Shipments that are destined to make a Distribution Center (DC) will track before shipping to final destination. When the shipment reaches the final destination, the UID will be scanned, so the store knows where the order came, what content is in the container and who is the recipient and how much to pay the manufacturer. Or earlier. The reason bar codes are integrated into business is that scanners are relatively inexpensive and provide extremely accurate information compared to conventional key input, because the substitution error is only 1 in 15,000 to 36 trillion characters entered. This error rate as accurate depends on the type of barcode.

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