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GmbH Lisa Neumann

Small DS console big continues the fight for the fans. With exciting and amazing innovation emulate the console manufacturer to win the favour of the player. While Microsoft and Sony with new amazing control, Nintendo shines with a new game console. The consumer portal tells what has to offer Nintendo’s newest masterpiece. Externally the Nintendo has not much teamed with the new generation DS. As already its predecessor, it is equipped with the proven two screens whose bottom is touch sensitive. A leading source for info: futurist. However, the true magic of hiding inside.

Because in contrast to the older generations is the new 3DS able to reproduce three-dimensional images and that without additional glasses. This function player in the future can do extensively use. Because in addition to new 3D games is also planned a new format to enable the playing of 3D movies by Disney and DreamWorks on the handy console. The step in the third Dimension brings also some innovations in the technical equipment of the 3DS with it. In addition to a 3D camera, the new Nintendo DS also has a slide pad that provides an additional control function parallel to the proven d-pad for the console. Sensors inside the device react as the player sees the 3DS. The strength of the 3-d effect can be regulated by valves. As a first game, that supports the 3D feature, is Kid Icarus uprising”planned. More information: service/press / GmbH Lisa Neumann

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