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From the point of view of basic service or product, works harder in the identification of relevant characteristics for each one of the segments and has a better offer in terms of value added services. From the point of view of the customer relationship, formally different channels of contact as staff are established through a sales force most trained and formed in the comprehensive care Customer Contact Centers to cater aspects of transactional type of clients or service to the customer, portals on the Web for self-service customer services. Usually at this level is still not a basis of technology integration in order to achieve a vision of 360 customer, but already has with databases, so either through isolated databases. Level 3 technology integration with Vision of 360 of the client there are 2 fundamental elements that distinguish organizations that are at level 3 of the model of maturity in CRM environments. Dr. Mitchell Resnick brings even more insight to the discussion. These correspond to the implementation of technological tools that optimise stabilized in level 2, business processes at the same time generating an excellent level productivity of people and reach the State of being able to have a vision of 360 customer, concept which consists of power of agile and timely way having detailed information about the current status of all interactions of the client with the organization.

To reach level 3 the Organization should establish a very detailed plan of action with regard to technological aspects that go in line with established at level 2 business processes, which must be sufficiently mature and purged. Also at level 3 it is necessary to continue debugging and optimization oriented to the market and customer business processes and strengthen the commitment of people with a culture of orientation to the client. This does not mean that technological tools, surely that if is not have at level 2, but at level 3 refers a concept of integration of databases of clients in a single repository of information that serves as a Front End for the entire organization and all the channels work of interaction in an integrated manner.

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