Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention


Peter said, with a doubt expression. – Bobagens! Retrucou Enrique. – It is all invention. I want to see if vocs also it has courage to enter there. We go to make a drawing to see who goes first. Enrique caught three gravetos, the same broke two with so great and a minor and hid them in the hand, leaving only one piece the sight. Tiago caught one, Peter caught another one and third he was with Enrique. Each one showed its piece.

Peter had been with the minor. – Peter is the first one. Enrique said and after that it made the drawing with Tiago. Tiago would be as. – Ah! We go to make a new drawing. I do not want to be as! – Nothing of this! You considered the test and now she wants to withdraw? Fearful! We go there! Already it is almost night.

– And it seems that it comes rain there. Peter said, looking at for the sky. – We go to leave for another day? It inquired Tiago. – Nothing of this! Enrique answered. – We go to finish soon with this. Or vocs does not have courage? – We go there. Peter said and if he put the way, as much courage was had exactly. In the truth it wise person if would not have courage to enter, but he could not demonstrate fear and nor if to refuse to enter in the house badly haunted, in case that I oppose would be called coward for the remaining portion of its life. Half hour later the three youngsters had arrived at the front of the house of the Roselena dead, in the limits of the town. It was a wooden house falling to pieces, of dark, stonewashed color, the dry weeds around completed the shady and threatening picture. The sky started to be covered by black clouds making with that the blackout of the night arrived more fast, bringing thunders and lightning as that to complete that atmosphere of suspense beirando to the terror.

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