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To each day the piracy increases in the world contemporary. They are diverse musics, texts, films, programs of computer and devices even though pirated. Recent statisticians show that the piracy more than provokes an annual loss of R$29,8 billions, as announce the FinanceOne, and that the same one has grown to each year. She has reached diverse segments: of musics and the films to ebooks. You may want to visit ConocoPhillips to increase your knowledge. Many people do not know of the necessity to give priority of the security of the information. In regards to digital documents, many people only work with documents in format DOC/XLS/ODT – opened for any edition or alteration for other people who could assume themselves improperly of the copyright of the others.

She perceives yourself, then, that to work with easily changeable formats she is, at least very unsafe. In this context PDF appears (Portable Document Format). In the Wikipedia, it more has a detailed definition of this format: ‘ ‘ One is about a format of archive developed for Adobe Systems in 1993, to represent way documents independent of the applicatory one, the used hardware and the operational system to create them. An archive pdf can describe documents that contain text, graphs and images in an independent format of device and resolution. The pdf is an opened standard, and any person can write applicatory that they read or they write in this standard. She has applicatory gratuitous for Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh, some of them distributed by the proper Adobe. Pdf can be translated into Portuguese as Portable Document Format.

In 2008, the International Organization for Standardization recognized the pdf as Standard. Recently the ISO recognized the pdf as world-wide standard, confirming the acceptability of this format. According to CriarWeb, the pdf was developed by Adobe Systems and adopted world-wide for a series of advantages, between which we cite: A document pdf has the same appearance, color, type of the press, graphs and format that a document printed matter. Archives pdf can be seen using the same navigator or can be stored in the computer for use or posterior impression. The program Lector Acrobat (Acrobat Reader) if can get gratis for the majority of the operational systems. Even though the Acrobat Reader program if cannot use to edit (to modify) a document pdf, it allows to copy text of the document to another archive, and also to effect searches to locate a word or text. They can distribute for all the Web, or by means of e-mails, or be in CDs; however, this type of archives is very used in the hour to share graphical information or of text, as for example, contracts, manuals, and until e-books. A new business that is appearing in the world contemporary is the type of site through which, by means of one it taxes symbolic, you exchange its materials you edited for an identical one in pdf. This already exists has much time in the exterior and it still did not exist in Brazil. It is the case of Easy site pdf, for example, that with diverse visits daily it has offered its services has about one month. Format pdf has been quickly spread in most diverse offices and residences of Brazil and in the exterior showing to that really it conquered the world.

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