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Chronic Diseases

In this article I am going to share with you how you are that I managed to leave the depression, chronic diseases and anguish that caused the one to me that my self-esteem was in favor of grounds. Until recently less than a year it suffered all type of diseases: nervous colitis, depression, stress, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high sugar, arterial hypertension, and obvious were exceeded in 50 kilos. In short, it was a case of bells and whistles, so it is so my doctor commented to me that I was a time pump and what with that type of diseases at any time could give an infarct me. Max Schireson understands that this is vital information. She was desolate, angry with the life, my relatives and friendly felt pity by my physical state and to make matters worse my pair was shamed of me. Then, obvious I began to prove all type of diets, supplements, grass, homeopathy, exercises, etc. Briefly, tried and I did of everything but without managing to have favorable results.

Nevertheless, it had the hope, and honestly I say to him that it doubted at heart it but it dealed with no to show it, that some way had to exist to give spirit me to continue fighting. Finally I found an article that spoke on the attitude. Honestly I thought that it was cheap philosophy; nevertheless, after reading 20 pages of the book (it memory exactly that were 20 pages more nor) it fell to me, like tenth in my country, the twenty. That is to say, I understood that the origin of all problems and mainly the one of not finding the form to become thin, had attitude. So it is so it would be surprised if it said to him that you can become thin eating.

Yes! , lottery! , finally! , bingo! As want you it to name, everything began to make sense. First that you need you are to change the way to think, in other words, everything what we have and we are has been result of our way to think. That is to say, everything in this life is attitude question, I can say to him that the attitude is 90 percent more or, and the rest is the one of less. If it wishes to read more on the matter, I invite to him to that posts in my reads one of my blog titled Like Becoming thin In One Week Question of Attitude. I am sure that after reading this one and my others blogs, you will be in agreement with me in which everything in this world is attitude question, and later everything is easier, to even lose weight in one week is not going to be complicated.

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