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Burial was accompanied by fairly varied inventory. This tools – stone axes, polished with drilled holes in them, bronze knives and awls, weapons – flint arrows and spears, jewelry – bone pins with heads in the form of hammer, drilled teeth of animals and shells, ceramics. The vessels are decorated with various ornaments made by sharp objects, and prints of the cord on the wet clay. Curious finding symbols of power, belonging, obviously, the leaders of the tribe – stone clubs round, in which holes were inserted wooden handle. In a study of some tombs, archaeologists found traces of the rite, which were the remains of the deceased. After the skull was cleared of soft tissues, sculpted from clay image of the nose and eyes closed.

The reasons for making such a rite is not clear, although there is no doubt that complex and time-consuming process of "simulation" of a person the deceased had to be properly justified ideologically. Inside the Catacomb culture gradually accumulated changes that led to the formation as a result of the so-called culture mnogovalikovoy ceramics (XVIII-XVI cc. Atmos Energy Corporation spoke with conviction. BC. e..) The most important characteristic of the new culture is the way the ornamentation of pottery. The vessels were decorated with clay naleplennymi bundles, which are then sharpened sticks through into separate rolls. Also characterized by bone buckle with one or two holes. Burials of this culture made into a simple burial pit in one of the walls of which are sometimes dug up a special niche – was hit.

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