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Banking Institutions

The banking sector, in Brazil, has taken care of consuming each time most informed, demanding and conscientious with regard to what they wait of a banking institution and its rights as customers. Together with the advent of new technologies, had appeared new canals of attendance as the central offices of attendance for telephone, the Internet banking and mobile banking, all with the connotation of electronic bank. Nowadays, for example, the customer has at least five different alternatives to effect the payment of a simple invoice, it can use the way most traditional, in guich of box, can use the auto-attendance terminal, she can make the payment without leaving house through the Internet or it telephone, or still using the cellular one, through applicatory that still they are disponibilizados by few banks. Of this form, to mensurar and to analyze the level of satisfaction of the customers with regard to the attendance given for the banking institutions became a more complex task, in view of that, it is not enough the employees of bank agencies to give a good attendance, but yes that, all the available canals of attendance for the customer are lined up and chemical preparations for more take care of it in the adjusted way. So that if it has a real notion of the perception of values of the customers with regard to the banking institution, a tool sufficiently appropriate to use itself as research methodology is the Window of the Customer (Customer Window), therefore this tool has as premise to not only evaluate the satisfaction of the customers, but also the importance degree that the same ones expend for the item evaluated in the research.

The window of the customer functions as a matrix of attributes that crosses these two 0 variable: Importance that the customer perceives in the attributes of the product or service; The satisfaction that the customer feels in relation to the attributes of the product or service. For the construction of this matrix, if it makes necessary the accomplishment of a questionnaire, with the objective of mensurar the degree of importance and the degree of satisfaction of the customers with regard to the definitive item. On the basis of the collected information are made the crossing of the 0 variable for each mensurado item, each item will be able to present one of the following results: Competitive force – important and Very very satisfied; Irrelevant superiority – important and Little very satisfied; Relative indifference – important and Little little satisfied; Important and very little satisfied; The tool has as objective main to identify to which the item most excellent for the customer they are not being evaluated of positive form, called of critical item. Through the Window of the Customer we can verify which the attendance canals the customers prefer to use and to mensurar the degree of satisfaction of these canals. One searches as this can be of great assists in the strategical planning of a banking institution.

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