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You’re the only solution and the only impediment is you. If you already know not hesitate, you can find many excuses, but only when you take away the sight of your goal is when appear insurmountable obstacles. When you want to do something, for sure you can achieve, but even knowing how, if you’re not sure, can you do this or can you not. Only when really you want with determination, will you do it without a doubt, get despite all the tools and necessary assistance, and dedicated the time and resources you have at your fingertips or even beyond. Willing to coupled with knowing, they form a good combination, but only love is the only ingredient that can not miss on that formula. Did you see the movie the wizard of Oz?, most likely Yes. The power of always returning home was in hands of Dorothy, herself only, when straw man ask the godmother because not be had told him before, she answered: I would have not believed, he had to find out for herself.

This classic film tells us that the value is only in each of us, the one we have or, equal a positive mind or heart for your interest of truth in others, everything lies not only in making a decision and hold firm. The only magician represented hope and which discovered how big each one of them, was a wonderful power in reality, but something that all we can get to having without any magic, although the effects seem magical. You have to go through a process throughout your own yellow path to be able to convince you that the power was always in you. You only understand the Magus and the fairy at the end, it is a shame not you see it already from same. Come on, mages discover that power, awaken the greatness in others and above all on yourselves and shower them with blessings. It is the only thing we have to do to achieve unimaginable results. If you could chart the course towards a goal, whatever this and ajustases the course only to circumvent the incidents that you find without close attention, you’ll like many other people who already came before you at the end of that journey, and possibly much worse conditions. Time is the most valuable thing we have in life and wanting something with intensity is the quickest way of achieving this and if you already chose as you’re going to do, because both better, just do it. If you know how and have the courage to do so, because of my good heart, I wish you luck even if you don’t need it. Original author and source of the article

Thu, July 21 2016 » News