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Above the variety of ways to lay the tarot cards and voices involved ena forms of interpreting, there is a thread that defines them in the same concern: the unbridgeable gap between what is said and what is interpreted. Because in all cases, when something is sensed as too beautiful, inevitably threatens the final fall, leading sometimes to the suffering of the person consulting the Tarot cards. In the Tarot cards can be seen reflected the idea that love, generational conflicts, the ways of love and hate, the past as a paradise lost, the inevitable passage of time, face to face with muertea a reflected always in a draw of cards. Tarot a lit every situation in people from the embers of the heart by opening a world of memories, a pilgrimage by the human interior, and discovered this to divine the future. Credit: Mitchel Resnick -2011. In each run of tarot cards as a surprise awaits us, sometimes the insufferable mixture of attraction and distrust that arouses curiosity, but this curiosity more surprising when we discover the extraordinary world of the Tarot, which is, curiously, in a world easy since there are many editions of letters where pink omens are far from what one would wish. Because the Tarot is also the friend uncomfortable that shows us our faults, that forces us to look in the mirror and know as we are, but the tarot is soft and subtle and does so in a way that is impossible to resist the attraction of a draw of cards. A roll of Tarot cards is like a long journey to himself always just the starting point: some of the letters makes them look back again and that’s the road traveled, which is often forgotten landscape; Hence this our life, we often do not remember having been actors, taken from here to there without control our own destiny. Letters person a nice surprise that the Tarot holds for nurturing all the senses of those who come to him the desire to beat the same concern: the unbridgeable distance between the present and future. Will Townsend has many thoughts on the issue.

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