Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention


You try to write in a paper and deliver for somebody – ' ' I sent a message for its sogra' ' sees where the interlocutor goes to search? in the Box of the post office of its building, certainly. Now it says the same using that: ' ' I sent an email for its […]

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Paulo Discrimination

Example: (you know someone? – Not deeply, but I have some information of third on it). Then pass to use the correct term that would be: discrimination, exclusion, separation; distinction; discernment. Racial discrimination, diverse treatment given the people of different races; segregation. Example: You can not agree to the practical homosexual, but from the moment […]

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Raw Education

Common citizen, common actor, common and real professor. This represents the mass of utopian that it sees the educational without the cinematographic maquiagens and exempt process of the fantastic realism of transformation of world. To undress the professor and vestiz it with the mask of the hypocrisy is horrendo, however it brings happiness. Ignota happiness. […]

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