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SuperComm data Marketing GmbH: Now take chance on winter tyres or mobile phones! Bonn, November 2010. SuperComm data Marketing GmbH launches several new exclusive online contests this fall. On, Internet users have a chance on a SAMSUNG Galaxy tab or a TomTom Navi. And on participants with a complete set can equip winter tires. Also new to the SuperComm offer: the content portal, a totally free download archive for private virus protection. The SuperComm novelty not only techies will delight in this month: on starts giving SuperComm data Marketing GmbH for a well-known mobile operators realized survey, at the Internet user can get a Smartphone of SAMSUNG Galaxy tab type. Overall the SuperComm data Marketing GmbH and its partners three of valuable Tablet PCs, two copies of the Nokia 5523 giving away two mobile navigation devices from TomTom and 25 prepaid cards. Participation is the SuperComm data in this exclusively designed online survey Up to December 31, 2010-possible Marketing GmbH.

And yet a new survey launched the SuperComm data Marketing GmbH: just in time for the beginning of the cold season have vehicle owner immediately the chance to win a complete set of winter tires on. Participants who answer a few questions with checkbox click, can choose even the make of their new tyres in the case of earnings up to a maximum of 500 euros. Closing date for entries here: December 31, 2010. Also newly launched:, a variety of download for those who want to equip their PCs with up-to-date antivirus software. The new content portal of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH offers the possibility to download the demo versions of various antivirus solutions, including Norton AntiViurs of also Kaspersky AntiVirus 2011. At the same time SuperComm data Marketing GmbH provides free complete solutions for download, such as Avira AntiVir personal or avast! Free antivirus. The integrated search function is possible on the software portal of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH also the targeted search for specific antivirus solutions. Internet users who want to link the SuperComm virus portal on their own website, have the opportunity to do this, thanks to the free banners and HTML snippets.

SuperComm data marketing company and Sven Nobereit:, SuperComm data Marketing GmbH operates successfully in the sectors of online and offline marketing since 2003. The portfolio of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH includes email marketing, the generation and provision of address pools and co sponsorship. More services, including the management of fax shipping, from banner advertising and CMS-driven websites rounded the full realization of the SuperComm data Marketing GmbH. SuperComm data Marketing GmbH’s reference customers include international media agencies and leading tour operators, airlines and hotel chains. Sven Nobereit conducts the business of SuperComm data Marketing GmbH. SuperComm data Marketing GmbH is Bonn.

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