Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Richard Fuller

Spiritual practice, that an effort to do things to grow, most is allow to happen within us the release of biased constraints and barriers that prevent us from living fully and compassionately on this wonderful planet. About compassion, it is part of the formation of schools holistas where it is fostered compassion of all its members, its objective is to train compassionate human beings who live in the flame of universal love with cross-cultural universal values and work to relieve the suffering of all beings. The last of the twelve principles of a holistic school is spirituality, something about this topic has already been mentioned, is nothing less than the illumination of human beings, universal love is the only way of knowing the lighting in any of its manifestations, because to be lit there is unconditional love, is also the essence of who we are as well as the goal of the holistic educatornourish the spirit of students with love. Spirituality has not always been understood by all correctly. It has been confused, has times, by other aspects of the human experience that while you can have their value, are not the core of spirituality, the spirituality is understood as the dimension and the unconditioned human level, is experienced as total internal order, also is experienced as universal love and freedom unconditional. These are inspirational works about the change that is taking place in the education of fragmentation to the whole, and which is now developed by educators around the world. (Frijot Capra).

Studying holistic education is leave the darkness and enter the light, where Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava opens the door that separates the two, his vision of holistic education is a guide to expanding consciousness integral, to live our spirituality, our intelligence, creativity and love. (Richard Fuller) They are inspirational works that illuminate the holistic paradigm and offer a multidimensional vision of education nourishing the heart, the mind and the spirit, one of the best works on holistic education.

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