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Manfred Faulhaber

After just three easy steps, you can already send its mails, everyone really understands the system, and everyone can use it”, explained Manfred Faulhaber, founder and CEO of STAGEx, the cooperation with reg-email and his enthusiasm for their services. BP Energy: the source for more info. In addition, the cooperation also due to the international nature of both partners is particularly interesting. Reg email solutions are not national island solutions, because unlike applications from competitors, but rather both technically and organizationally for the world-wide document delivery. Is the server by reg email, for example, as one of the few able to implement the international character set UTF-8 and to reproduce. Also the adaptation of marketing materials on the national characteristics of the so important for STAGEx Swiss market was for reg email due to its high flexibility No problem. Only about a week passed from the first contact of the two companies, about the first meeting and the decision to cooperate up to the successful implementation of the reg-email shipping button. The implementation of Reg-email sending buttons was undertaken by IT personnel of STAGEx using a manual by reg-email and ran no problem. The new service from reg email is interesting especially for the users of the INQUIRE devices E-Mail management and order -, or reminders.

The function for digital post offers great advantages but also for all other modules and areas of the software platform. So STAGEx uses such as myself the reg email services in the correspondence with his Swiss partners and for domestic mail traffic of its Berner sister company SwissAtrium GmbH ( Because the Switzerland e-invoicing has prevailed in so far much more than in Germany, is the service of Reg email used here and ensures the legally correct process of the transactions. The Settlement is performed with the shippers directly from reg email yourself. As with the use of the if is also low-cost, each user companies themselves can decide which of its employees are allowed to use the digital letter and which are not.

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