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Kentucky Fried Chicken

Mail revealed the case of a minor of 12 years to which we will call Pedro, that knew through Facebook a subject that after gaining to its invited it friendship to meet in a point of the center of Lima. In the encounter, the pervert soon drugged to the boy and ultraj sexually. Nevertheless, the danger to enter this Web site and to communicate with people unknown also has originated cases in which a user has been made happen through another one. This happened with a young college student, who suddenly began to appear before his friendly like homosexual. It could generate a tragedy, because according to police sources, the offended one tried to take off the life.

Inclusively they are estan being worth now of disguises, appearing like prosperous companions at table, who get at an exclusive restaurant to have dinner once and there, they remove arms from high power. Armed delinquents took more than 35 thousand suns in cash of the restaurant of fast food Kentucky Fried Chicken located in the corner of the avenue Emancipation and the Shred of the Union, in the Surrounded one of Lima. The subjects burst in into the premises after encaonar to the administrator, Andrea Vizcarra (31), when this left by the later door. It happened when mediating the one of the dawn. The woman was tied of feet and hands and locked up in the hygienic services.

The rowdies went to the administrative offices of the second floor and forced the two safe-deposit boxes. Sigilosamente left the premises of KFC to flee in a polarized moon truck driver Station Wagon. The administrator described to the subject authors as of military bearing. The PNP will mention all the employees since, without a doubt, the delinquents counted on precise information on the facilities. The delinquency nowadays as we can see is worth of many ruses, that allow him to be very successful, but is necessary to fight it with the arms of the law, is necessary the prevention. the premises must count on chambers of video-audio, hidden, to catch the faces of the delinquents, who although use knitted cap, usually commit errors, like speaking aloud, which allows to know the tone of its voice, the observation of the form to walk, helps us to locate to a person, the bearing, weight, are very useful to identicar thieves, kidnappers, etc. The positioning of ” digital that shoots to an alarm silenciosa” , he is very useful to alert to the 105, serenazgo. The patrolling is important, but mainly, to try to do the things to him, but difficult the possible thing to the delinquents, is a form to discourage them. It smiles and he is happy, but it cuidese of not being vicitma of the new mannas of the delinquents.

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