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Jenny Guerra Hernandez

Telework is a phenomenon that is directly related to the expansion of ICT and internet. However, it’s a way of working, not a profession. Telework refers to the work carried out at a distance using the technologies of information and communication in exchange for receiving a financial benefit. Telework is characterised because it disappears the notion of job, since production is done at home or at satellite offices where employees only come to performing technological type. In these places, workers do not necessarily perform their work in solo and their remuneration is carried out according to the assessment of objectives set and results achieved.

Some people who do not enjoy socializing in the Office, find telework as the ideal way of working. However, this activity has so many advantages as drawbacks. Advantages of telework 1. It is more beneficial for the environment, since it represents an energy saving, reduction of pollution by the using the car and agglomerations are avoided. 2. You can adjust working time to daily life, since the schedule tends to be very flexible and always be retrieved working hours at another time if you need to keep a personal appointment.

Self is also marked the pace of work. 3 Will greatly reduce the costs occasioned by the fact of eating away from home, the use of mobile or use of fuel. 4 Makes it easier the fact undertake a business, opens the possibility of working around the world, decreases stress levels and brings a greater personal satisfaction. Disadvantages of telework 1. You can make more difficult to separate the personal and family life of the professional. 2. Human contact, made more difficult since it is limited to specific and very sporadic meetings. 3 Causes new additional costs for the teleworker, as the increase in the invoice of electricity or the purchase of software. It is clear that for anyone who is tired of the Office environment or any entrepreneur the telework option is the more interesting. Without However, for people who need daily contact with co-workers, leave the House and change of routine this way of working is not recommended, since it can cause that they feel alone and is skipping. The solution for the traveller telework arises as a very attractive option for those people who love to travel. In his book, the four hour workweek author Tim Ferris provides keys to convince our boss that allows us to do the experiment do not attend Office for a week and then compare our usual production with which we have made in our week of absence.Also speaks extensively of the opportunities offered by the internet for those who wish to travel continuously and even describes how to live as if we were on vacation may be cheaper than staying at home. Is clear that in the era of information will increasingly be more frequent to find us with people who teletrabajan, something that will offer as many costs by reducing many new opportunities for access to a employment, where each one can also demonstrate what it is really.

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