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You choose where, shop dedicated to the sale and distribution of sporting goods, presents in its web, CAVITACION CAVISLIM, a product of latest technology to eliminate 100% localized cellulite. CAVISLIM, is a product that will allow you to work the cellulite selectively in the comfort of one’s home, without schedules and without having to move around a centre of aesthetic. I see me well, would only remove some Toolbag my problem is that what kilos I accumulate in the gut are how many times we have heard or said these words? Until now, when we adelgazabamos, not we just where; our weight decreased leaving us very thin on a few sides and well of others. For this reason, Tecnovita by BH has created the Cavislim cavitation; a device that allows you to remove the fat that you dislike, 100% localized, in the comfort of your home. And what is cavitation and how it works? Cavitation is a technical non-invasive (no surgery), body sculpting.

It reduces volume eliminating cellulite and fat deposits located in abdomen, hips, flanks, arm, inner surface of thighs and knees. How? Cavitation occurs when generating cavitation vacuum in our body by means of ultrasonic imperceptible to humans, achieving break fatty deposits located, totally painless, non-invasive. Home treatment so far, the cavitation technique was only available in beauty salons and treatments were very expensive. Thanks to Tecnovita by BH, we can choose the area to treat, Act on these areas and release of fat with the Cavislim from home. The Cavislim product line allows, thanks to its numerous possibilities of programming, the Elimination of cellulite and skin of Orange of a safe and effective way, since each area and type of cellulite needs a different form of treatment. The possibility of choosing between their different levels of power and pulsed or continuous mode will provide us comparable results that could get hand of a session of cavitation in a cosmetic clinic.

You can choose between two models: Cavislim YS30 and Cavislim Excel YS50. The main difference between the two models lies in the Cavislim Excel YS50 model has an additional programme of continuous emission (while Cavislim YS30 model only has 4 (not continuous) and hold work programmes). It is precisely this programme of continuous work that allows YS50 model to be more effective and rapid treatment of the buttocks area. Characteristics of cavitation is a painless technique that provides immediate results can be observed from the first sessions: eliminates cellulite and cellulite firming capacity reduces volume sculpts figure enduring effect is selective. Selectable 100% zone to be treated, even the most stubborn. Unlike a strict regime or an intense training session, a session of cavitation can select the target area to treat. For example, it is very effective to get rid of cellulite in thighs. ES secure: Unlike beauty treatments that require surgery, the use of aesthetic cavitation Tecnovita Cavislim by BH is completely safe (this fact is certified by independent international prestigious laboratories) you choose where, CAVISLIM does the rest, do not you’re going to prove?

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