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Desktop computer – this is something usual for pc users. In the first versions of Windows, we offered just a box that could pave the desktop, but it is not a pretty solution. Now select your desktop wallpaper table is much more. Installing itself on your computer Windows xp, we find there a standard set of desktop wallpapers. First, we are pleased with this set, but then we are the same pictures would merely annoying. And we are already dreaming find new desktop wallpapers. And some just do not want to be anything like the others. Office walls and gloomy landscape outside the window terribly bored, so at work we use a simply beautiful wallpaper.

We therefore emphasize their individuality. Of course, much more interesting to lay out the beautiful photo wallpaper on your desktop to your liking and thus raise your spirits than to use a standard set of Windows has always and everywhere. Free photo wallpaper and just free desktop wallpaper can be found in the unique collections on the Internet. Backgrounds are usually divided into categories. You can choose the cool wallpapers, photo wallpapers higher quality with pictures of animals, cars, beautiful girls, as widely represented sports wallpaper, holiday wallpaper, computer wallpaper. Desktop wallpapers can be different resolutions. Basically, these are: 800×600, 1024×768, 1152×864, 1280×1024, 1600×1200. Resolution you select a property of your screen. Choose the best wallpaper for your desktop and you will always have a holiday!

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