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Of course technological media today are the key, but the human invention not terminate and appear new ways. Today We must address those available, systems, tools, software, networks, data bases. They are tools, the challenge is that allow shaping knowledge societies where the world happens to focus on human capital. The so-called mass media broadcast the same message, in an infinite number of cases handled impersonal media, according to the interests of the issuer, that is, in the background while now the communication is customized and allows interaction. Internet holds all the means that we have known, for what turns into something more than a medium in itself, since it universalizes the knowledge, prevents manipulation in a larger extent to which occurs in the media, integrates and customizes. We must admit that in countries such as Venezuela takes technology as a toy and not as an element of liberation. Refers to six million Venezuelans connected to the network but the practical exercise looking for a communication is impossible.

In a nutshell, the Venezuelans have not learned to communicate. The media the media traditional powerful they tend to fusion, but also local media multiply. Printed newspapers include video and audio and those who are not capable of producing an innovation in the way of doing journalism disappear, because nobody buys them to find out about a story that already was massively broadcast hours and days earlier. Local media reported the life of the community they serve. We are soon parallel phenomena: accentuate the transnational communication and swarm new localised expressions, large global chains and localized media.

It is true that every day they close small newspapers overwhelmed by the lack of publicity and that advertisers are posing a mass toward Internet migration. At the same time the millions of web sites or blogs are multiplying. At the turn of the years newspapers as we have known them seem doomed.

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