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no, it must be done as soon as possible but is not absurd, truth? .but so. 3 – Business are made by emotion. If you can do so by emotion, but insurance when the emotion is finished because maybe you are not leaving you as you promised at the closing, then finish by removing you from the business and happens to be one of the so-called cracked (term with which I disagree, which in most cases is used to describe people who are not in the business)businesses must be done rationally, all businesses are made on the basis of reasoning, study etc, then…which makes the different marketing networks that must be done as soon as possible? They are magical businesses that do once does not work?…I wonder. Example, BMW knows your market niche, you think BMW will install an auto dealership in a place of low economic level, simply because the owner of BMW read positive books and for that reason must you go you well and sell cars? I doubt it, all businesses are based on a study of feasibility, cost-benefit relationship. 4 – Fit that I will put you low gene.

Jajjajajja .there a compensation system that is called binary where people are placed below that are, now well, many people sell that as a benefit of the business…Enter will put you people below. Does that can happen but not grant it .If because I have more people entering will be below you say that ok can be .pregunto as well. what would happen if that person signs are counting on that, then other persons fail to sign it, you will do? Where thou shalt put your face? Do you’ll be in trouble, obviously your image as leader will go to the ground, another networker thing, that you are looking for? A partner who can help you or a person that is there waiting for to put you people under? I don’t know that you are looking for your saying that, but if that person signs in function that put you people under…You know .dudo that is the leader who seeks to .quieres a partner that will help you to develop the network, not a people that makes 50% of the work .that think. Not mean that businesses in networks do not work…No, no, no, never, what happens is that when are you they say lies people if they fail then load you the dice to the business, and honoring the truth business has nothing to do, it is just bad execution in some of the networker who motivated collect some bonus Commission say anything, because you have to collect it as well is signing me to someone that feels that it does not give to do this at first glance. There are other lies I hope help this information make a conscious decision about your business.

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